Hackers Robbed More Than $1.3M From European Crypto Trading Company

Hackers Robbed More Than $1.3M From European Crypto Trading Company

This piece elucidates facts about the report that says that the servers of 2gether were under attack by some anonymous hackers who also robbed more than 1.39 million USD from accounts of cryptocurrency investments.

The Theft

2gether is a European crypto trading organization. It was very unfortunate for them to face a massive problem as it became the target for a bunch of hackers. They stole over more than 1.183 million Euros which is equivalent to 1.36 million USD. The CEO of 2gether named Ramon Ferraz Estrada revealed this terrible news through a Twitter post series.

He also mentioned in his posts that the Euro wallets and accounts are still completely safe. To cope up with the major loss, the company came up with the offer to its clients to sell its classic 2GT token with the cost of 5 cents (each) only. The team of 2gether also made a decision to grant an extra fund for covering any further losses they might have faced through this event.

More Details on this Occurring

This particular crypto trading institution made some other statements to the public. The team stated that the application software of 2gether will get rebuilt once again as quickly as possible along with the availability of all security facilities. The customers will get a new benefit of asking about any sort of problem they might face with this application through an Ask Me Anything or AMA session that will be organized on Reddit.

Similar Incident with Cashaa

Cashaa, a United Kingdom-based cryptocurrency trading company, made a report that a little more than 336 bitcoins were stolen by a bunch of hackers just like the event happened with 2gether. Both the happenings were very much similar to each other and causing a heavy suspicion that they might be connected together.

Right after this awful incident happened with Cashaa, it stopped all the transactions linked with cryptocurrencies. With this sudden cease, the clients did not go through any issues to be specific as per the reports say.

The Whale Alert Twitter Update

On the 27th and 28th of July, Whale Alert posted a Twitter series that signified that wallet addresses linked with the current hack of Bitfinex exchange moved 3503 Bitcoins that have approximately held a value of 38.7 million USD, more than 12 transactions.


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