Halving Couldn’t Stop Bitcoin from Outperforming Stocks.

Halving Couldn’t Stop Bitcoin from Outperforming Stocks.

What is Bitcoin halving?

Bitcoin halving would reduce the value of the bitcoins to half. Whatever the amount that miners are expecting would be cut down. This halving will happen once in every four years or sometimes very frequently. To be precise, it happens for every 2, 10,000 transactions. The reward that the bitcoin miners would receive for every block would be cut to half. In 2009, every bitcoin miner received just 50 bitcoins for a block. However, after a few days, the reward has been cut down to 25. In 2016 it was curtailed to 12.5, and the next value would be 6.25.

A report submitted by Cointelegraph Markets found that the bitcoin stocks have started to perform even better despite its halving.

Bitcoin continues to flourish.

Based on the reports, it is clear that the price of the bitcoin is still stable, and the reactions that are received from across the globe are making its value even stronger. Many analysts are waiting to see the value of the bitcoins pre-halve and post-halve in the price of the bitcoin that does not occur. When halving the bitcoins happens in May, its impact on the bitcoin price would be on the cryptocurrency. There is evidence that proves that the accumulation of bitcoins and digital currencies is still on the rise among the retail investors and institutional investors.

Halving will not stop bitcoins from outperforming.

The data collected from Skew suggest that bitcoins will be the digital asset in the market, with the value going to rise to 35.95% every year. Many institutional investors have started to increase the value of the coins. The institutional investors have started to collect the bitcoins. The crypto funds started to increase up to 150% with the generation of new coins that are getting halved since May 11. There are many companies which are allocated some funds for the bitcoins.

Bitcoin is optimistic

Retail investors are vesting double interest in the digital currency. One of the digital payment companies named Square has stated that the bitcoin revenue has hiked up to USD 306 million and has been increased to 71% in the last quarter. Due to the uncertainty in the global market, there is a surge in using the bitcoins. There are exchanges taking place in Latin America and Africa.

The bullish outlook of bitcoin is not going to impact the global market due to bitcoin halving. Based on the on-chain data reports, it is clear that investors who are investing long-term are keeping the coins with them through a drop of the value up to USD 3, 750. The prices of the bitcoin may increase, and the assets would take a different path. The investors are trying to buy the bitcoins when they decline to USD 9,500

When does bitcoin halving happen?

Since the cryptocurrency had hit the market in 2009, the halving of bitcoins is taking place, and it happens once every four years. Based on the reports, it is clear that halving happened twice to date. The first halving is in 2012 as per Forbes. Due to halving, there is an increase from USD 11 to USD 11,000. However, this growth was not observed until a year. The second time the halving took place in 2016 where the bitcoin has been increased from USD 700 to USD 20000. It is evident that due to halving, the future supply of the bitcoins would be reduced, but the demand remains the same. It hikes the price of the bitcoin.

Due to halving, there is a huge retail demand for bitcoins in the market. The investors see a pool of opportunities by investing in this digital currency. There are big cryptocurrency investors called whales who have accumulated the bitcoins at a low price and will start to sell them at a lucrative price once the demand for them begins to grow.

The next halving of the bitcoin was expected in May 2020. It is tough to predict how the bitcoins would be halved since it takes some time to create new blocks. There is around 64 bitcoin halving before the 21 million would be hit. When this happens, the bitcoin miners can’t collect the rewards. They depend on the charging fee to carry out transactions like credit card companies.

Is there a chance of bitcoin price to rise due to halving?

When the previous halving scenarios are considered, the halving has increased the price of bitcoin. In 2012, bitcoin gained a profit of 8000% in the last 12 months. There is a cut in the rewards and has risen to 1000% in 2016 cut. With the initial coin offerings, the bitcoin has gained a considerable demand. The halving will have a huge psychological impact and would continue to impact the price of the bitcoin significantly.


In the history of bitcoin, the halving took place in May. The popularity of bitcoin is accepted globally and is used in various applications.

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