The City In North Dakota Now Accepts Cryptocurrency For Utility Payments!

The City In North Dakota Now Accepts Cryptocurrency For Utility Payments!

Have you heard that a city in North Dakota, which is in the US state, is now accepting payments made via cryptocurrency to pay utility bills? The finance director of this city said they are the first municipality in North Dakota and the third city in the nation to offer the service of accepting cryptocurrency payments.

The name of the city that has started to accept cryptocurrency as a means of payment is Williston, the state of North Dakota. This city announced that they will accept all the payments made by the cryptocurrency for paying the utility bills on Thursdays.

Hercules Cummings, the finance director of the city, has explained that Williston has partnered with Bitpay to accept cryptocurrency payments. This announcement makes many things clear, which includes that, at present, the utility bills are the only bills that are eligible for getting paid through cryptocurrency. There are many things that are going to happen before migrating the other bills, like the landfill bills, permits, and the additional licenses into this stage. You will be stunned to know that the volume will be evaluated first, and then the quality assessments will be taken.

Bitpay is the platform supporting the payments made in the form of bitcoin, bitcoin cash, Ethereum, Dogecoin, wrapped bitcoin, BUSD, PAX, DAI GUSD, and USDC, according to the details mentioned on the website of the company. These are the cryptocurrencies that the Williston city will accept along with the other conventional form of payments, which includes the fee made by cash, checks, debit cards, credit card, and the automatic payments plans.

The announcement made by Williston city also included that the cost is also saved when you pay the payment of these bills via cryptocurrency. This is because Bitpay is the platform that charges only one percent of the fee for paying online. If we compare it to the price set by google pay, apple pay, and PayPal, it is very cost-efficient because they charge three percent of the fee.

Recently, two more cities in the US have started working on some of the initiatives related to bitcoins. You will be glad to know that the Miami and Florida are the two cities which have passed their resolution in which they will allow the employee to get their payments in the form of bitcoins, residents of the towns to pay for the fees via the bitcoin system and the city is also going to have bitcoin on the balance sheet also.

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